EventWerks was formed in 2011 by Rich & Marina Goodwin, but In order to understand EventWerks, you first have to understand how it was formed.  Rich started his career in 1994 working  as the Marketing Director for the famed Long Beach Music Festival, BeachFest.  BeachFest (also known as the Long Beach Chili Cook Off), was the largest music (and chili) event in California featuring over 100 chili teams surrounded by over 100 vendors, 5 stages and 50 independent bands.  The event was attended by 50,000 people annually and became famous as it served as a platform for local Southern California unsigned bands to get noticed.  It just so happened that in the mid 90's, the hottest sound in the music business was coming out of Southern California and the unsigned bands that played the event were bands such as No Doubt, Sublime, Social Distortion, Pennywise, the Offspring, Save Ferris, and many others. 


Rich eventually took over the management of the festival and along the way decided to start his own company called, Vision Entertainment.  The original intent was to create other music festivals, however fate got in the way when Rich recognized an emerging trend in the automotive industry.  The trend was young people customizing import cars and attending impromptu meet ups that often featured DJ's. models, lighting displays, break dancing and more.  These meet ups were taking place during the day in parking lots as these young auto enthusiasts had no other outlet.  Rich decided to create that outlet and give these young enthusiasts their own show.  He called it, Hot Import Nights, a nighttime car show with all the flair of a nightclub setting in a convention center with the lights out featuring lasers, smoke machines and lights spotlighting cars from the rafters.  The show was an instant hit and so popular that enthusiasts and manufacturers from all over the  the world had heard of it and wanted to be a part of it.  What started out as one show on the Long Beach Promenade on July 11th, 1998, was soon being produced to crowds of millions of people over 26 U.S. markets, all over Canada and in Europe and Asia. 


Hot Import Nights became the biggest thing in the automotive industry and sparked a multi-billion dollar aftermarket industry.  The event had  its own line of Hot Wheels, partnered with THQ for a branded video game called Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights, sold merchandise worldwide and was the driving force behind the Universal Studios movie franchise, the Fast & Furious.  Rich was also instrumental in the development of the racing side of the industry and an and event called, Formula Drift.  


In 1999, Rich was named one of the Nine Most Important people of 1999 (9 of 99) by Peterson Publishing (owners of many publications including Road & Track & Hot Rod Magazines as well as the Peterson Automotive Museum).  Super Street Magazine called Hot Import Nights "The Greatest Show of our Generation" and Rich bought out his former boss and the BeachFest event in that same year.  In the years that followed, Vision Entertainment also produced several snowboard and skateboard events, the National Houseboat Expo, PGA Golf Show, Radio Control Expo and many others.


In 2003, Rich was named the SEMA (Automotive Industry) Person of the Year.  In that same year, Vision Entertainment was being "romanced" by investors.  In late 2004, Vision Entertainment was sold and Rich left the company soon after.  In 2005, Rich put together the Orange County New Years Eve complete with Orange Ball Drop and a star studded lineup of bands including Joan Jett, Sugar Ray, Bret Michaels, Third Eye Blind, Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes, Berlin, English Beat and many more.  In 2009, Rich became the President of the Japanese Racing Series, D1 Grand Prix.  This is where he met his wife, Marina who was also an event producer.

This brings us full circle and back to EventWerks.  In 2011, Rich & Marina formed EventWerks, but after years of touring, Rich & Marina made the decision that this company would only produce events closer to home.  EventWerks has since produced events such as the Dana Point Summer Concerts, Dana Point Oktoberfest, Dana Point Food, Wine & Music Festival, Temecula Oktoberfest, La Mesa Oktoberfest, Inland Empire Summerfest, Lake Arrowhead Oktoberfest and many more.